Kijutango hosts traditional milongas with the aim of creating an ambience conducive to that blissful state of tango which many dancers strive for.
The milonga is open and welcoming to everyone (and to all levels) just as long as the codes of the milonga are observed to facilitate enjoyment for all.
Good floorcraft is to be expected and the cabaceo is encouraged to enable a happy and stress-free evening for all!
An essential aspect of this special ambience is the choice of music. We play the most danceable golden-age tango music in tandas with cortinas, as heard in the traditional milongas of Buenos Aires.
There are no breaks for salsa,chacarera or announcements. 
Milongas with performances are advertised.
Come to dance, meet friends, or just enjoy the music and atmosphere...


Here is a sample of the kind of music you will hear played by Kirsty at kijutango milongas 
DJ Setlist