Feedback from Kirsty's students:

I’d like to share with you what my classes are all about from the perspective of my students (who range in experience from beginners to ten years).
If you would like to send in your feedback, on any aspect, please do email me.


Firstly, we really like your teaching style and it's clear you know your stuff. We also like that you are quite strict on certain things, which is really helpful. And you remember our progress each week.
I enjoy the cultural notes and technical tips and take a lot from the personalised comments: it's really good to have something specific to work on.
For example, whereas some teachers might say that I need to "work on my balance", you have told me how to achieve better balance: so it's not just what to improve but how to improve it.
A and J



What I love about your classes is that they have musicality, posture and basics at their core, with steps woven into them. I think with your classes, it is possible to learn the tango that I so much enjoy, which is about the embrace, the encounter of another person on the dance floor and not just the execution of steps.

I also love that you take time to talk about Orchestras and bring your own experience from Argentina and lessons you took away from your teachers into the class. I think it brings Argentinian Tango closer to home.



I have been attending Kirsty's Wednesday evening class for two months.  I think of it as an "Advanced Course in Fundamental Technique" – which means that it is suitable for everybody.  You can drop the "Advanced" if you are a beginner and think that is off-putting.  Whatever you want to call it, and whatever level of expertise you have, paying careful attention to the subtleties, to engagement with the music and with your partner, to the emotional content of this whole business – will pay dividends.  You will be shown how to be a better dancer, which means that you will be shown how to give more of yourself to your partner, and that means that you will be repaid many times over.
concentration on technique
attention to detail
working on the fundamentals
attention to looking beautiful
attention to looking after one's partner
teaching by a woman - a more empathic, emotional approach
making the men dance with each other - a very neglected but important aspect of learning to look after a woman
teacher enthusiasm and commitment
musical education
teaching of musicality and awareness of the different but simultaneous rhythms that can be danced to
communication of subtlety of feeling

Anonymous (a leader)



We work on basics, over and over, and we get to learn 90% technique,
10% steps / decorations.
I totally agree with that approach! It is sad to see men (like me
when I get carried away!) trying "moves" when they cannot walk to the
music or connect with their partner, or women trying "decorations" at
the completely wrong time.
Tango for me is about the embrace (the connection) and the walk,
nothing else, and you seem to agree with me because in all the classes
I have attended so far, we worked on the embrace and the walk!
I'm glad you chose that path. If anybody gets bored, they can always
try swing or salsa!

You really seem to know what you are talking about. You seem to have
invested a lot of your time and personal life in learning about tango,
the dance and the music, and I respect you for that. I particularly
enjoy when you talk about the orchestras.
I wish I had started doing your classes before....
D. B



Kirsty's classes are friendly and fun, and she makes all newcomers feel welcome. The emphasis in the classes is on how to connect well with one's partner and improve the basic technique. Hers are not classes for learning patterns only but for learning how to lead and follow correctly. I also really admire the way she can explain her point in so many different ways, it makes it so much easier for everyone to understand the subtleties of argentine tango. Thanks to that approach I feel I made huge progress in a very little time! 
G. L.



Having attended one of Kirsty's beginners 'Tango Lessons' recently, I was struck by how passionate she was about Tango especially her knowledge of the music, the etiquette on the dance floor and of course the dance itself. It was a very intense lesson, Kirsty tried to teach us as much as possible so that we could join in the Milongas. Kirsty is a dynamic teacher, a lovely person and I had an amazing afternoon.



THANK YOU Thank you Thank you for today! Wow...amazing. I loved every minute. I look forward to Weds!



What I like most about your classes is that you really work on the technique rather than just teaching the steps. It means that we can learn how to dance generally and apply the technique across different steps. Also I really enjoy how you work with the music and that you pay a lot of intention to the embrace which means that we really learn to focus in on the partner and dance together, slightly differently with each partner.
I love your classes and Milongas and the music you play, which is why I have become so hooked.
S. B.



I very much like where you are coming from, what you teach and your aspirations for how you would like tango to be danced / enjoyed.



You're a really good teacher! Things I like about the classes:
That you teach technique and feel rather than step patterns.  You're teaching us to dance from within the dance, from the place of connection - it feels like you're teaching us the true spirit of Tango, and that's really special.
You prize the basics over the complex, which means that although it is hard to learn Tango, I feel that if all I can do is walk, then that's okay. 
You teach us how to behave in a Milonga and about the rules and codes of Tango, which is really useful!
You tell the whole class at the beginning which women are leading, and refer to leaders and followers rather than men and women, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable and welcome in the class.